Six Fragrant Spices – Chinese “5” Spice – salt free


no Msg, only flavour.  LIke Chinese Five Spice, now, with 6 spices!

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This is our version of a Chinese Five Spice, which actually has six spices! Using only the best quality organic spices from around the world, we grind what we can and blend to perfection these 6 spices with zero anti-caking agents, zero preservatives, zero fillers, zero msg.

This Fragrant spice blend is also salt free! Add liberally to stir fries, sauces, soup broth for that added Chinese flavour punch that you want in your food.

50g comes in a cute kraft resealable pouch, suitable for gifting and keeping things fresh for a long time!

Make sure you store your spices sealed (air tight jars or bags.  BTW spice jars and tins from the store are not air tight.   Use a canning jar or keep in our resealable pouches) and out of heat and light. ie. not above your stove!


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