Why we Care

At Iron Skillet, we’re all about flavor and goodness. We want you to have affordable amazing food!

We source organic ingredients from all over the world, searching for the ideal flavors and quality. We then blend these ingredients to give you a simple way to take your dishes to the next level.

We have purpose-built blends like Butter Chicken and more general-purpose blends like Italian, all of which can be used in lots of different ways if you like to experiment.

We blend in small batches, helping to ensure you get the freshest possible flavors for your cooking.

Our journey into custom spice blends began years ago out of frustration with the lack of freshness in spices that were available at our local supermarket. We began with our classic Moroccan blend, grinding all the spices fresh and discovered what we were missing. As friends and family began to experience our new flavor discoveries, the requests for spices began to roll in… so we started down the road toward our small batch artisan spicerie.

Over the years, we have created dozens of custom blends, some amazing, some not so much. The products we currently have on offer are frequently in use in our own kitchen.