This is our salt free Montreal Steak spice. It is Fresh, Delicious and hand ground in small batches for freshness. Great for use on any red meats (or anything, really.  I’m serious, try it on anything)   Don’t be afraid to use your hands and rub it into the outside of your choice of cut.

It comes in a resealable lined kraft bag, perfect for gifting without all the extra jars and tins that are usually involved with spice mixes.

The 80 gram Value Pack is enough to do a LOT of steaks!

Since this is not cut with salt, it can be quite spicy.  So start with a little and work your way up.

if you are looking for something similar, salt free, but a little less kick, try our Kootenay Steak Spice, it’s smokin’ good!

“Better than the Store bought”


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