Kootenay Steak Spice


Smokey, wild, woodsy flavour, without the nitrates.

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This is my salt free Kootenay Steak spice developed to season fresh venison or other game meats. It is Fresh, Delicious and Smokey.  Hand ground in small batches for freshness. Great for use on any red meats, don’t be afraid to use your hands and rub it into the outside of your choice of cut.

We have also discovered it’s deliciousness on any protein and soups and casseroles.  The blend itself contains no animal by-products so all you vegans can safely use this too.

It is similar to our Montreal Steak Spice only less spicy and more smokey, so you can have that cooked over an open fire flavour without having to cook it on a fire!

It comes in a wholesome and natural looking lined, resealable kraft bag, perfect for gifting without all the extra jars and tins that are usually involved with spice mixes.

Value packs are 80 grams (at least) is enough to do a lot of steaks!

The sample sizes are enough to do at least 4 large steaks.

Art Label designed by my daughter, Kate.


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