Looking for a Hearty Aromatic Easy to use Curry Spice Blend? Make any protein taste of India with this Organic Curry Grilling Blend.

Just take your protein, Sprinkle the spice on with a liberal hand and rub it in (or not) and let sit for a few minutes while you heat up the grill. Grill until done and serve with a salad and rice or quinoa for an easy, healthy, flavourful meal.

Use in place of any yellow curry to cut out the guess work of “does this spice blend have preservative?”  No.  There are no hidden ingredients in Iron Skillet Spices. Every spice is listed and we add nothing else.

The Value pack is 80 grams in a resealable, lined, kraft bag including a recipe to get you started using your new spice blend. Wholesome and natural, package is cute enough to give as a gift.

The Sample size is at least enough for one meal

FYI:  the brown value pack shown in the picture, is an example of how our packaging holds up.  That package has been used 1 or 2 times a week for two years.   it is still air tight and light protected.   The ziplock still seals perfectly.


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