The farm on The Bench

Our farm is on a bench under Mt. Thompson, hence the name, The Bench. We didn’t even know what a “bench”, in regards to living on a mountainside, was until we came to look at this property. The feisty elderly gentleman who owned it at the time kept alluding to “the value of a bench”. We thought he was just talking the place up, little did he know we had fallen in love with the property upon our first walk up it’s grassy knolled driveway. As we have now spent a few years here we do understand the value of a bench! It creates a sheltered area tucked into the base of the mountain that the harshest weather kind of skips over. Over the years we have told this story to our friends and “The Bench” just naturally became the name of our farm.

We care about the food that we eat and we care about the quality and nutrition of the food that we grow and produce. We feed the plants by feeding the soil, bringing the earth to life so that it can nurture healthy, tasty vegetables and livestock. This sounds like a cut and dried plan that involves a todo checklist to follow. But if you ever come here you will notice that a lot of our farm looks “undone” and we have a lot of wild edges. That’s because our permaculture dream that has been rolling around in our brains for years has finally become a journey; there is so much to learn. However we are committed to feeding our customers the same food we feel good about growing and eating and producing it in a way that regenerates the soil.

Come see us on Saturdays at the Creston Valley Farmers’ Market or grab some of our products at Pealow’s, our local Independent Grocer.

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