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Kootenay Steak

Yields1 Serving

 1 tbsp Iron Skillet Kootenay Steak Spice
 24 portions of steak or chicken or protein of choice

Sprinkle Iron Skillet Kootenay Steak spice on both sides of your protein. Salt if desired (Iron Skillet Kootenay Steak Spice is salt free)


Allow to sit for 20 minutes while heating up the grill


Grill protein until desired temperature is reached flipping only one time. We prefer our red meats medium rare about 4-5 minutes per side. And of course if you have chosen chicken, cook until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F which could take up to 10 minutes per side depending on how thick the meat is.


*IMPORTANT* Allow your protein to rest , covered loosely, for at least 8-10 minutes.


Serve with Salad, Veggies and/or Carb of choice.